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About Kyndra L Mulder, Esquire

Thank you for taking the time to inquire into my law practice. I hope that you will be pleased with what you read on my website and that you will contact me.
In 1986 I graduated from Nova Southeastern Law Schoolin Boca Raton, Florida. My undergraduate degree was earned at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida.
I have also attended Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington, Hawaii Loa College in Ohau, Hawaii and Moscow State University in Moscow, Russia.
My undergraduate education was paid for with academic and athletic scholarships. I had to pay for law school and sometimes worked three jobs. My employment includedI being one of South Florida’s first female beach lifeguards. I was a lifeguard until I finished law school. I was a law clerk writing appeals and I worked in the library.
A resume of education can be impressive. I did extremely well on the bar exam. Neither of those achievements make a good lawyer. Life experience, work experience, good communication skills, work ethic and love for people make a good lawyer. These qualities are not taught in school and can not be measured by a written exam.
My first experience in cross culture relations was at Hawaii Loa University where I wrote my thesis on the Japanese American asymilation into the American culture after World War II. My undergraduate degree was in cultural and political studies.
After practicing law for 10 years in South Florida including an intership in the Broward State Attorney’s Office. I accepted a position to teach International Business in the former Soviet Union. My class was geared toward teaching adults, who had grown up in the soviet system, Western business practices. I assisted adults in writing business plans, starting their own business, or, finding jobs with Western companies. What was supposed to be a one year experience ended up lasting 6 years.
During that first year I would go to visit the orphanages in my free time. I started an international non profit organization called A HOME FOR EVERY HEART (AHEH). The organization was established to benefit street kids and orphans. AHEH sponsored a medical team from the USA and Canada that performed surgeries for 33 orphans and children from villages, we purchased school supplies for hundreds of orphans, bought the uniforms for the countries special olympics team, constructed an art room in an orphanage, and established an international adoption program…. This 6 year experience forever changed my life and gave me a heart for people of the world. It also gave me a passion and love for my own country. Only the love for the people could have kept me away from the ocean for 6 years!
Upon my return to the USA I settled in North Florida. To re establish myself as an attorney I ran for bar president of the Jacksonville Beaches Bar Association. My plan was to run for president as a way of getting my name out to my colleagues. I ended up winning and my practice was established. I have and do practice nothing but immigration.
I have an excellent record of success. I have a 100% success record for waivers of all types. Other areas that I practice in I have a success rate of of 99% and above. That doesn’t mean you are guarenteed success if you retain me. All cases are based on a unique set of facts and require legal application specific to the case. My record indicates my knowledge and skills.
Only the Tax code is considered to be more complicated than the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). This is compinded by the contant changes in the immigration process and interpetation of the act. We ae only looking at more changes in these times. We could soon be moving in the diection of a merit based system.
I am in my 33rd year of practicing law.I am at a place whee I have leaned to limit my practice to be more knowledgable in specific areas. I keep my overhead low and I am selective in the clients I agree to wok with. This works out for both of us because I will be available to take your phone calls and meet with you.
Whether you choose to give me a call to discuss entering into an attorney-client relationship or you choose to call someone else, I wish you well in your future.

Kyndra L Mulder, Esquire