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Kyndra L. Mulder, Esquire – Attorney Profile


  • Juris Doctorate in 1986; Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida;
  • Bachelor of Arts in Pre Law; Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida 1983,
  • Cultural Studies, Hawaii Loa College, Kaneoi, Hawaii 1979-80,
  • Russian Language Studies, Moscow State University, Moscow Russia 2001

Licenses and Memberships:

  • Immigration Courts throughout the United States;
  • Bureau of Immigration Appeals;
  • All Florida criminal courts;
  • All Florida civil courts;
  • Florida Courts of Appeal;
  • Supreme Court of Florida;
  • United States District Court Middle District of Florida (Federal);
  • Former President of the Beaches Bar Association;
  • American Immigration Lawyers Association (I have canceled my membership with this organization because membership dues go towards lobbying efforts on behalf of illegal immigrants and they ignore those who are trying to immigrate legally).
  • Federal Bar Association

Employment Experience

  • Criminal Defense and Immigration law for over 23 years,
  • State Attorney’s Office; Broward County, Florida,
  • Professor of International Business in former Soviet Republic,
  • Teacher, English as a second language,
  • President of International Non Governmental Organization for street children and orphans

Other Experiences

  • Mother (My best experience),
  • Guardian Ad Litem for children,
  • Foster Parent,
  • Certified Pension Trustee,
  • Pension Trustee for the City of Jacksonville Beach Fire Department,
  • Founding president of a pregnancy center in south Florida,
  • In my free time I like the beach, swimming, cycling, kayaking, tennis and theme parks.


Kyndra L. Mulder, Esquire – Attorney Biography

My paternal grandfather came to America from the Netherlands as a teenager. He had $14.00 in his pocket and spoke no English. As a direct descendant of the Nordic Vikings. he was tough and he was a fighter.

My paternal grandmother’s family has been in America since before the Mayflower’s arrival.

My mother’s side of the family can trace its ancestry back to John Paul Jones, the pirate and the Native American Cherokee Nation. The pirate married the Cherokee. My mother’s family is French and Indian.

I have 3/4 immigrant blood and 1/4 native American blood. There is a lot of fight in my blood. The fight comes from the viking, the pirate, and the Cherokee. I choose to use my fight to fight for you and your immigration to America. You have the same dreams that my grandfathers had for themselves and their families when they came to America.

I began focusing my law practice on immigration after spending 6 years living and working in central Asia. I taught international business and English as a second language and was the founder and president of “A Home for Every Heart. (AHEH),” AHEH is an organization for the benefit of street children and orphans.

In central Asia I worked with foundations, western businesses the U.S. Consulate, governor’s office and senators to implement an international adoption law for that country. The first adoptions I facilitated were infants. Those infants are now teenagers.

In Hawaii I studied cultural diversity and integration. It has been the experience of living and working with persons from other cultures that I really learned about cultural diversity. Cultural differences can not be taught from a text book. They are only truly understood by experience. During my six years living and working in a foreign country I missed America but my love for the people kept me there.

Upon my return to the United States it was natural to focus my law practice on immigration law and apply my experience as a prosecutor intern, criminal defense attorney, and immigration advocate to assist immigrants.

It is common practice for immigrants to the United States to look first for an immigration attorney who has an ethnic background similar to their own. Only as a second priority do they seek an attorney experienced and knowledgeable in United States Immigration Law. An immigrant applying for a benefit is required to go before an American judge, consulate officer, or adjudications officer. When appearing before these representatives of the United States Government, it is important to have a representative by your side who knows the laws of the United States they will be applying to your case.
Kyndra L. Mulder


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